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The DiSCoveR is designed for non-owner or investment property borrowers that may or may not have had previous investor experience. This program offers expanded credit parameters for multiple non-owner borrower profiles while utilizing Multiple document types to further address specific income circumstances in the demonstration of ability to repay.

  • DSCR 1 to 1 Ratio to 80%
  • DSCR No Ratio to 75%
  • 600 minimum FICO
  • For DSCR, use Interest Only payment to qualify
  • Loans to $3.5 Million
  • C/O to $2 Million
  • No Reserves
  • 80% to $1.5mm
  • 40 year amortization to qualify
  • 5/1, 7/1 ARMs; 30year fixed; 40year IO
  • Qualify Payment Off The I/O Payment
  • Expansive property types including non-warrantable condos
  • Foreign Nationals eligible
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