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The AHL Vantage is designed for borrowers that have LTV’s 80% or lower.  This is a near miss program that allows for lower rates with compensating factors.  Though the guidelines follow Fannie Mae a bit more than our usual core program, it’s still much more aggressive than conforming and interest rates are some of the lowest in the Non-QM industry.

  • $1 Million to 80%
  • 700 minimum FICO
  • Loans to $3 Million
  • C/O to $500 k
  • 40 year amortization
  • 5/1, 7/1 ARMs; 30year fixed; 40year IO
  • Qualify Payment Off The I/O Payment on DSCR NO Income NON Owner
  • Expansive property types including non-warrantable condos
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